Source4Quality, Inc.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" Leonardo DaVinci

Bona Fides



We are a Preferred/Approved provider of quality management system services to:


We are the facilitator for ISO9000 certifications in the USA by Quality & Environmental Certification (QEC Ltd), a UKAS accredited certification body.


We are a STRATEGIC ALLIANCE PARTNER to Greenwing Solutions, a full service technology consulting firm.




  • Design and Manufacturing
    • Electronics for Defense and Industrial applications
    • Dental and medical devices, products and chemicals
    • Plastic piping for oil and gas
    • Machining of metal and plastic parts for industrial and medical applications
    • Processing and coating of metal parts for industrial and automotive applications
    • Epoxy adhesives, speialty molded polymers and formulated detergents for solar, semiconductor, optics, LED manufacturing  
    • Stainless steel oil nozzles
    • Stainless steel hospital furniture
    • Disposable garments for health care
    • Automated factory machinery
    • Military and commercial helicopters
    • Paper labels
  • Distribution of Medical and Dental devices and products
  • Public education 
  • Social services (not-for-profit) in health, rehabilitation, skills training, and job placement.
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